UnitedBitcoin at Coindesk’s Consensus 2018

Coindesk’s Consensus conference in Manhattan, New York this year was packed full of thought-leaders, influencers, coders, entrepreneurs, and other impactful individuals in the blockchain industry. It didn’t disappoint as a voice of authority on the state of blockchain as it stands now and in the future. With over 8500 attendees from 70+ countries, it was a true meeting of the minds.

UnitedBitcoin’s foundation board (Matt Roszak, Jeff Garzik, and Wouter van der Schagt) and two members of the Hong Kong team (Marco Ferreira and Maarten Swemmer). Situated in the Gibson suite with the event’s title sponsor Bloq, we debuted UB’s smart contracts and stable coin launches to the blockchain industry.

We noticed three key emerging trends to note from Consensus this year:

Trend #1: An increase in decentralized exchange platforms

Trend #2: More development of security ICOs and exchanges that are security-specific

Trend #3: Physical asset management platforms that use blockchain

Robin8 Blockonomy Event

Our joint meet-up with Robin8 aptly titled Blockonomy featured four other blockchain projects to watch: Blockhive, Angelvest, UUNIO and Scantrust. The presentations by each project and the lively panel discussion and networking that followed gave us a chance to meet you in a more intimate setting.