a fully backed stablecoin
for exchange and peace of mind

300% collateralised by UBTC at any time for peace of mind, convenience, and practicality as a medium of exchange

Setting a standard

Of utmost importance, the stablecoin shall be not 100% but 300% collaterised at all times by UBTC. i.e. for every 1 UUSD issued there will be 3 USD collateral in UBTC. Over time the collateral may change but not the ratio of the collateral.

More reliable and transparent

Everything is viewable on the blockchain

300% collateralised

Audited by a global third-party firm

Who is UUSD for?

The vision of UnitedBitcoin is to create several digital currencies that allows peace of mind, convenience and practicality as a medium of exchange. UBPay will provide an alternative to traditional currency purchase methods.

International traders

With zero transaction fees, UBPay will provide an attractive alternative to traditional international transaction networks.


With the latest blockchain transaction technology, all payments are done and confirmed almost instantly. The blockchain technology is designed to eliminate problems with fraud, chargebacks and payment security.

Crypto traders

Cryptocurrency traders want a trustworthy stablecoin to hedge against volatility. This will allow re-entry into the market without any onerous processes and exposure to specific crypto currencies.


Extreme volatility alone has underscored the need for a price stable cryptocurrency. UUSD offers a stable alternative for exchanges that don’t offer fiat transactions.