Two Sides of the Same Coin

UBPay unites the best aspects of conventional currencies and blockchain innovations.

Transparent Transactions

Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring a transparent transaction for both shoppers and merchants. This will eliminate problems with fraud, chargebacks and payment security.

Convenient, Fast and Secure

Conventional credit card payments can take days to process. With UBPay, payments are recorded and processed as soon as it’s recorded on the blockchain – almost instantly.

Stable Exchanges & Transfers

No need to worry about volatile exchange rates. UBPay will issue stable coins that are over-collateralized and pegged to fiat currencies at a 1:1 ratio.

UBPay Works Online & Offline

E-commerce and store merchants can easily use UBPay to conduct business and personal transactions. UBPay aims to expand the blockchain ecosystem to include:

  • Online Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Parking
  • International Transfers
  • Utilities Fees
  • And more!

UBPay has been Created For

Shoppers, Merchants, Traders, and travelers alike and is ideal for:

  • Simple, Convenient & Secure Payments

    Shoppers can buy anything with a click of a button simply by topping up the UBPay app with funds from any currency, including cryptocurrency.

  • No more worries for merchants.

    Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain for complete transparency and secure exchange of money. This means that transactions are irreversible and there are no chargebacks.

  • Keep all your currencies in one place

    With the latest blockchain transaction technology, all payments are done and confirmed almost instantly. Global commercial institutions are protected from FX risk and expensive international transfer fees.

Hold, Spend & Exchange Fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies

Pay for your shopping, maintain your balances, receive transfers, exchange currencies and more with just one app.

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